The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 17

When re-existences of a doer portion stop. A “lost” doer portion. The hells inside the earth crust. The lecherous. The drunkards. Drug fiends. The state of a “lost” doer. Regenerating the physical body. The test in which the doers failed.

The re-existences of a doer portion stop either when the Light of the Intelligence is withdrawn from the mental atmosphere of the doer portion or when the physical body becomes immortal.

When the Light of the Intelligence is withdrawn in certain cases from the mental atmosphere of the doer-in-the-body, the doer has been spoken of as a “lost soul.” The doer cannot be lost. What is called a “lost soul” is only that portion of the doer which was in a human body and felt itself as the human being at the time when the Light was withdrawn. The withdrawal of the Light happens during life, never after death.

The lost portion of the doer, during the remainder of its life in the body, can think, but only along the lines on which it has worked in the past, and which are on the breath-form. Conscience does not speak. Light remains in the noetic atmosphere, but the portion of the knower that was in contact has withdrawn, and with it goes the reflected feeling of identity. The body-mind which was with the embodied portion of the doer is still there, but it has no moral understanding. The non-embodied portions of the doer remain as they were.

There are two kinds of lost doers: the intellectual, from whom the Light is withdrawn, and the animal kind, who have wasted the available Light. The first kind are those who have misused the Light for intense selfishness, meanness, enmity or injury to human beings, who have used their intellectual powers and developed them, but sacrificed the interests or lives of others to their own; their feeling-mind and desire-mind are barely in contact with the lines already on the breath-form. The animal kind are those who have had pleasure to excess, abandoned themselves to unrestrained indulgences and so have wasted the Light through many lives, until there is no more to be allotted to them. The contact with the thinker of the Triune Self is broken, and the being acts under pressure of its own past desires and of lower elementary creatures which swarm around it.

After death the connection of the breath-form with a lost doer is dissipated at once and there is no judgment, no hell and no heaven. The lost doer portion obstructs the regular order of re-existences, but those portions which were in turn to re-exist may or may not re-exist until the lost portion again continues to re-exist. The portion that was embodied is cut off from communication with the other portions and with the psychic atmosphere, and it may or may not pass into the bodies of certain animals.

A lost doer portion of either the intellectual or the animal kind may re-exist once more in a human form. Then the intellectual kind will be enemies of humanity; the animal kind will be born idiots. But thereafter neither kind will appear again in human form for a long period.

A difference between natural animals in which are the cast-off desires of the common run of human beings, and the animals in which are lost doer portions, is that the desires in natural animals return to—in reality they never leave—the psychic atmosphere of the doer when they are summoned for re-existence in a human being of that doer; but lost doer portions are cut off from communication with their atmospheres. Another difference is that the natural animals feel at home in their animal bodies, whereas an animal in which is a lost doer portion feels that it is not natural, and the natural animals are aware of the difference. The natural animals do not want an animal in which is a lost doer portion. Since the natural animals are the stronger they drive out the one with the lost doer portion which is such from self-indulgence; but they run away from the other, the devilish kind, or they kill it for self-protection. The lost doer portions in animal bodies are in continual fear; of what, they do not know; and they are desires which cannot be appeased. Their hunger is as intense with a full stomach as with an empty one.

Those lost doer portions from whom the Light was withdrawn because of their meanness, viciousness and ill-will, continue to animate certain kinds of ferocious animals like vampire bats, sharks, certain apes and large poisonous spiders. Upon the death of these bodies they go into others of a like kind. After a time they are retired into sections inside the earth crust where they are segregated in special places. There these fiends have no physical bodies, but they have their abnormal forms of concentrated miserliness, vindictiveness, cruelty and enmity expressed in animal-like types. These forms are at times visible and at other times invisible. They are visible when the creatures are active, and invisible when their active malice ceases. Having nothing else to prey upon or to injure, they fall upon each other, look for each other and escape from each other. They cannot kill each other, though they seem to. When one seizes another and overcomes it, activity continues until both are exhausted and the exhaustion takes the place of death and disappearance.

Lost doer portions of the other kind, those who have wasted all the Light allotted to them, life after life, in pleasure, eating and sex, drink and narcotics, without giving more return and service than was forced from them, go into the bodies of animals which are more or less harmless, such as some monkeys, pigs or snakes, according to their nature. After the death of one body they live in another body of the same kind. Then they are put into places inside the earth crust where they swarm, having forms not physical, which express their real characters. These forms are alternately visible and invisible. When the creatures are active their bodies are visible, when dormant they lose their shapes and these fade into the scenery of plants and rocks. No two bodies are alike in the horrible assemblies. Those who sinned by gluttony are generally in the forms of mere mouths and stomachs, distended, misshapen, scoop-like. They are only hunger. When something to eat appears to them they work themselves up to it and make a gulp or a scoop at it, but they remain unsatisfied.

Lecherous ones are in the most disgusting male and female forms, from a few to many feet long. At certain periods they become active, chase each other, affect the atmosphere so as to cause vile odors, and they unite by absorbing each other. In their orgies they groan and howl. They continue until exhausted. There never is any satisfaction. Then they become inactive and thereby invisible.

Drunkards are in spongelike bodies that are mostly heads, misshapen and disproportionate. In their periods of activity they roll or hop, if able, and burn for drink. They beg, all yelling at the same time and tell their inane story. Then drink appears in whatever form they desire. They drag themselves towards it. Some never reach it. Others drink and drink and drink, but the drinking does not quench their thirst, nor does it affect them except to make them burn for it still more. Then drink appears somewhere else and they scramble over each other to it, but get no satisfaction. They cease when they are exhausted. Then they become invisible. Deathlike silence prevails. They become active and, with their yelling for drink the empty show starts again. If a human being could hear any one of them, the nerves in his body could be shattered and he might become insane.

Drug fiends are in another section. Their bodies have a human form, but with hands like spiders’ claws and leaden faces, hideous with staring and searching. They want to be taken out of themselves and be put into some other place. Some want to sleep, some want excitement, some want beautiful things. None of them gets anything of the kind. They keep on taking their drugs but no result follows. Their expectation is at the same time a disappointment. The drugs produce no effects. They shout out their execrations and, when annihilated by their vain efforts, they become invisible. After a rest they reappear and re-enact these scenes.

These are a few indications of the shapes, of the practices during the active periods, of the inanity of these practices, of the lack of satisfaction, of the continued burning of the desires; and of the localities, desolate and fearful, in which lost doer portions are in sections set apart for them near the outer earth crust. The cases and their conditions are numerous, varied and unmentionable. When the lost creatures are not active and are therefore silent and invisible the atmosphere is frightful. Even elementals, which are thrilled at human pain and suffering, shun these places.

The conditions in which lost doers are, are different from the hells in which human beings suffer after their death. Hells are individual and for one person alone, but lost doers are usually in communities. A hell is of short duration as compared with the state of the lost doer, for when the desires are separated and the breath-form is cleansed there is an end to the hell, but lost doers continue in that state for what is by comparison an enormous period. The suffering in hell is of a different nature; it is human suffering, whereas lost doers have an unnatural, hardened, distorted suffering, for they have lost their humanity.

Lost doer portions are conscious that they are lost. There is more fear in that than there is in their suffering. They have no feeling of “I,” but they feel the lack of it and they have an unappeased desire to have that feeling. They do not remember, but they try to remember. They are not in that state as a punishment, but merely as a result of their long continued actions as human beings. Their state of lost doers is necessary to stop their downward course. When they get to a certain point in that course they are so low that they cannot pick themselves up again. Their being in this state serves two purposes. It continues until the feeling and desire for their special activities is exhausted or as near exhaustion as is possible, and until they get the impression that their practices result in suffering and disappointment and that they can never be satisfied. Then these lost doer portions are taken back into the psychic and the mental atmospheres of the doer. The length of time necessary for them to reach that state of exhaustion and to be impressed cannot be computed in actual time, though it seems to be for ages.

However, no portion of the doer can be forever lost, because the Triune Self is One. The term “lost” doer is apt because the loneliness and abandonment are so real to the lost doer portion and lasts so long. At some time, when the exhaustion and disappointments have done their work and the seemingly separated portion of the doer is impressed sufficiently, the Triune Self will again allow that portion to have Light. The somnolent condition in which the other eleven portions of the doer were while there was no Light, and the rest they have taken, will have enabled the lost doer portion to begin again and to correct the tendencies which resulted in the loss. Then the lost portion is taken back into the doer and when the turn to re-exist comes for that portion, the aia vivifies the breath-form and a new set of re-embodiments of the doer begins.

The orderly and the proper way for the doer to end its re-existences is, to regenerate and make its physical body immortal. Then the doer portions which had existed successively, will each have added to the improvement of the body so as to make it immortal.

It would have been unnecessary for the doer to re-exist in human bodies if it had passed the test which it was obligatory for all doers to go through. It was, and is, the regular and proper thing to do. Those doers who act according to plan, make their Triune Selves complete. They in orderly accomplishment become Intelligences.

However, this book is particularly concerned with humanity—composed of doers that failed in that test and therefore came into the human world. The failure was that the desire-and-feeling of each such doer in its man and woman bodies had sexual union, instead of inseparable union of desire-and-feeling, which is part of its training.

The purpose of the test was for the doer to become immune to sexuality, and thereby to cause the two bodies to re-become the immortal body, which body the doer had inherited from the Triune Self in that body.

That immortal body was perfect in form, structure, adjustment and function. It had four brains and two columns, the column for nature in front and the column for the Triune Self in the back, curved and united in the pelvis and opening into the head, (Fig. VI-D). The organs and fluids in the body were in a state of sublimation. The body was made up of refined and balanced units of the four states of the physical plane. It was in the interior of the earth and was nourished not by the kind of food that humans take, but by essences from the four elements breathed directly into itself. This was more satisfying to the sense of taste than food can possibly be to the human and was one of the means by which the doer’s excellence of form was attained.

This perfect body was in touch and in tune with the whole of the physical, the form, the life and the light worlds. Through this body the doer of the Triune Self could reach into and work in any part of the worlds. The organs in the body were adjusted to each other so that they worked in harmony in the whole organization. They were further adjusted to the states of matter on the physical plane and on the other planes of the physical world. They were likewise adjusted to the matter in the other three worlds. Therefore the matter in the four worlds responded to the action of the senses, nerves, glands, organs and systems of the body.

The functioning of such a body cannot be readily comprehended by human beings of today. No obstacles of time, of distance or of any kind could stand in the way of its functioning. The four senses had free range in all the worlds, and so the doers could reach and could work with any unit or any number of units anywhere. They could evoke, move and direct the forces of nature. They could create and dissipate forms and bodies anywhere.

Though the body was not subject to injury and death and had powers which were unlimited, it had come to be in that state not by any merit of its own, but as the instrument made so by the indwelling doer. It was perfect only so long as the doer that used it was perfect. The doer had yet to pass the test above mentioned. The doers now in human bodies failed in that test.

Since the bodies have been degraded by the re-existing doers from this former state of purity and power to the present state of disease and impotence, they must be raised again to their former state. The state of the body is the measure of the condition of the doer portion that inhabits it. To raise their bodies the doer portions must first improve themselves. The re-existences of a doer portion continue until the body it inhabits has been improved by the action of all twelve doer portions, so as to make that body immortal. The body has no desire of its own, and of itself cannot improve. It is made of nature-matter, is representative of nature and is concentrated nature. It is the instrument of the doer and is a record of the actions of the indwelling doer portion. When the body has again become immortal, that means therefore that the doer has made itself perfect and thereby has made the body perfect and immortal.

There is a long course ahead of the run of human beings before they cease to be mere human beings and become conscious as doers in bodies. They must reclaim the Light loaned to them and outstanding in nature. They must rebuild the front-column and at the base build a bridge connecting it with the spinal column, (Fig. VI-D). They must improve their bodies so that the sexual organs will disappear, and must transform what are now nerves and ganglia spread about the pelvic cavity, into parts of a pelvic brain, so that the breath-form will be located at the blending of the two columns, where it belongs, not as it is now in the front half of the pituitary body, where it ought not to lodge and where it interferes with the contact with I-ness. They must so temper the physical body in the forces of nature that nature can no longer have any control of it. The doer, the thinker, and the knower will be in the body, in their proper stations, in the spinal cord, instead of the doer being in the kidneys and adrenals, the thinker merely contacting the heart and the lungs, and the knower merely contacting the pituitary and pineal bodies intermittently. The three atmospheres of the Triune Self will be absorbed into the doer, the thinker and the knower. These three parts will act through three inner beings, each emerging immaculately from, or all acting through, the perfected physical body. Then in the perfect physical body there is the form being for the doer part, which is the vehicle for the life being and for the thinker, which is the vehicle for the light being and the knower of the Triune Self. In the physical body then is the Triune Self by means of its three inner beings. Light will be again with the doer from which it was absent for so long. Light will be in the three beings of the Triune Self and in the physical body. All the Light that was loaned to the doer will be ready to be restored to the parent Intelligence. The Triune Self will be ready to become an Intelligence and to raise its aia to be a Triune Self.