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Harold W. Percival


Greetings Dear Reader,

So you embarked on your search and eventually were led to this book. As you begin to read it you will probably find it to be unlike anything you have read before. Most of us did. Many of us had difficulties at first in comprehending. But as we read on, a page at a time, we discovered that Percival’s unique system of conveying his knowledge called into use faculties long dormant within us and that our capacity to understand grew with each reading. This led us to wonder how it could be that we had been without this knowledge for so long. Then the reasons for that also became clear.

In degree virtually unknown in ancient or modern literature, the author presents a remarkably complete exposition of the origin and development of the universe. He also indicates the source, purpose and ultimate destination of the human. The value of this information is inestimable as it not only provides a context in which to locate ourselves in the universal cosmology, but helps us to understand our fundamental purpose. This is significant because as our existence is made more comprehensible, the desire to transform our lives is also awakened.

Thinking and Destiny was not developed as speculation, nor to repeat and synthesize the ideas of others. It was written as a way for Percival to make known what he learned after being conscious of Ultimate Reality. As to the source and authority for the book, Percival clarifies this in one of his few remaining notes:

“The question is: Are the statements in Thinking and Destiny given as revelation from Deity, or as the result of ecstatic states and visions, or have they been received while in trance, under control or other spiritistic influence, or have they been received and given as coming from some Master of Wisdom? To all of which, I answer, emphatically . . . No!

“Then why, and on what authority, do I say they are true? The authority is in the reader. He should judge as to the truth of the statements herein by the truth that is in him. The information is what I have been conscious of in my body, independently of anything I have heard or read, and of any instruction I have received from any source other than what is herein recorded.”

Thinking and Destiny represents a towering accomplishment in revealing the true state and potential of the human being.

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