The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 4

Plan relating to the earth sphere.

The following is a partial outline of the plan of the Universe relating to the earth sphere. This outline, though sketchy and incomplete, indicates enough to show what the plan is, and to explain the working of the law of thought in so far as it relates to man.

Only a small portion of this immense sphere is familiar to the human, namely, the physical, visible universe, which is in the solid state of the physical plane of the human physical world in the sphere of earth. Beyond this state the ordinary human does not even think, (Fig. V-B).

By thinking there is precipitated onto our earth into visibility, through the four worlds, that portion of the four spheres which is within and blended into the sphere of earth, as fire, air, water, and earth. The nature-matter thus concreted may be perceived by the four senses of man in the forms and structures of the human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.

The senses of the body are elemental beings, nature units; they are personalized parts of the four elements of invisible nature. The senses are developed and drawn and bound into the human body and bear the seal of the doer that inhabits it. The senses do not feel; neither does nature feel, but through the senses the doer in the human feels and desires.

The matter which composes the human body is impressed directly by the thinking and the thoughts of the doer in the human body. All the matter in the human world has passed, does pass and will again and again pass through human bodies in streams of units, cyclically by circulations. Thus there is kept up a continual circulation of the units of nature through human bodies; it is kept going by thinking and breathing, by which the matter is taken in and returned to the states and planes. It is only while matter is in a human body that it can be raised or lowered from the condition in which it is, by thinking. It is thus that the units of the human world descend and ascend continually.

After the death of the body and the dispersion into nature of the senses and the other nature units there remains the form of the breath-form; this form stays in the psychic atmosphere of the doer and is later used as a model or pattern to build a new body for the doer. By this process innumerable bodies will be built successively for a re-existing doer. As a result of the experiences and learning of the doer in these bodies, the units of which the bodies are composed are eventually equilibrated and the feeling-and-desire of the doer of the Triune Self are in balanced union in a regenerated and perfected physical body.

The part of the plan which is outlined in this section relates merely to the operation of the law of thought as destiny, in so far as the operation of the law is the rule of life for man. As the purpose of the Universe is unfolded in these pages, additional features of the plan are given which affect nature, the Triune Self and the Intelligence.