The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 5

Transition of a breath-form unit to the state of aia. Eternal Order of Progression. The Government of the world. The “fall of man.” Regeneration of the body. Passage of a unit from the nature-side to the intelligent-side.

From the universal plan outlined in the foregoing pages it will be seen that the sphere of earth is of nature-matter and intelligent-matter; and that Consciousness, unchangeable and the same throughout, is present everywhere.

In order that a nature unit may become an intelligent unit, it must have reached the limit of progression on the nature-side; that is, it must have become the breath-form unit in a perfect body. The next degree takes the breath-form unit beyond the bounds of nature. Then it is an aia unit, as the intermediary point or line between nature and the intelligent-side, (Fig. II-G, H), belonging however to the intelligent-side.

The transition of the breath-form unit to the degree of aia, is made while the doer is in its perfect, immortal physical body in the Realm of Permanence; that is, according to the Eternal Order of Progression, as follows:

The unmanifested of a unit is Sameness,—which is in and through the manifesting active and passive aspects of the unit, (Fig. II-C). The manifesting active and passive aspects alternately change until each is adjusted to the other by the unchanging Sameness, so that they are equalized and balanced, and the unit is Sameness throughout.

It is so with the breath-form unit: its unmanifested is the sum of all functions as which it was successively conscious during its entire progress through all preceding degrees as a nature unit in that perfect body. As the sum those degrees do not function; they are neutral; they are as Sameness. But those degrees qualify the manifesting aspects as breath-form to function: to keep in operation and functioning all the units in that perfect body. And the aia unit is in the perfect body, in the transitional state and degree to which the breath-form is developing.

The breath-form is the most advanced degree to which a nature unit can progress, always in a perfect body. By the doer of the Triune Self that dwelt in that perfect body the breath-form was balanced. And at the same time all other units in the perfect body were ready to advance one degree in being conscious. So the breath-form was made ready to be advanced to the neutral state, the transitional state, between nature-matter and intelligent-matter.

When the Triune Self of that perfect body becomes an Intelligence it raises the aia of that body to take its place and degree as Triune Self, which then advances the breath-form to the state of aia, as stated; and, that new Triune Self takes charge of the body. But in doing this all the units of that perfect body have advanced one higher degree in being conscious. Therefore there must be an alignment of units in their advanced degrees, especially with the new breath-form and its senses and their organs. And there must be an adjustment by the doer of the Triune Self through which it will maintain and keep the perfect body in operation. This adjustment is a critical and most important process.

Some advancements made by units in the perfect body are: The unit of the sense of smell, that is, its active aspect, breath, is, together with the passive aspect, form, advanced to be the breath-form of the perfect body. Taste is advanced to the degree of smell. Hearing is advanced to the degree of taste. Sight is advanced to the degree of hearing. And the unit of the organ of the eye is advanced to be the sense of sight. These four advanced sense units are to act as intermediaries between outside nature and the perfect body. The control and maintenance of that body would be by means of the breath-form, and the doer of the Triune Self would keep the body in balance; and the doer, in addition, would be active in administering affairs of the human world. The Triune Self would then be a Triune Self complete, and as such it would be one of The Government of the world, according to the Eternal Order of Progression.

However, before all this could come about, the doer of the Triune Self had to pass the trial test of balance; that is, it had to bring its feeling aspect and its desire aspect into balanced union. In order to do this, the doer’s perfect sexless body is divided into a male body and a female body; the feeling aspect of the doer then dwells in the female body and the desire aspect in the male body. The two bodies are the balances. Then, with feeling and desire in the two bodies of opposite sexes, as the balances, the doer was to preserve the oneness of itself as feeling-and-desire while it was present in both halves of the divided one body. This would be done by thinking, by the proper adjustment of the three minds of the doer, under control of the doer. Then, feeling-and-desire thinking together as the doer, could not think other than as one doer. Thus thinking, the body-mind would be attuned to and controlled by the feeling-and-desire minds thinking together as one, and would also think of feeling-and-desire as one. Thus, by the three minds unitedly thinking as one, the male and female half-bodies would be again united, and feeling-and-desire, by thinking together, would be in balanced and inseparable union. Such united thinking of the three minds would also adjust the units of the four systems of the perfect body through the four senses of the body by means of the breath-form under control of the doer, who would then be in right relation to its thinker and knower.

But the doers of all human beings failed to pass that test and trial. They did not balance the newly advanced units in their proper relation. Feeling-and-desire allowed the body-mind to control their thinking. So the body-mind thinking through the senses of the male body and the female body hypnotized desire-and-feeling into seeing and believing that they were bodies, and they forgot that they were the desire and the feeling of one doer, and not bodies. The Conscious Light was withdrawn. They were in darkness of the senses; and then they did not think of themselves as feeling-and-desire—similarly as most humans now think of themselves as bodies instead of as the doers in their bodies. They lost the government of the body and could not remain in the Realm of Permanence. Their thinking took them out of the Realm of Permanence. They could only see and sense and think of this world of birth and death. This is the basis of the legend of the “fall of man.”

To understand the Eternal Order of Progression it is necessary here to consider The Government of the world by complete Triune Selves in the Realm of Permanence. As heretofore stated, the Triune Self is a unit of three inseparable knower, thinker, and doer parts. The knower and thinker parts are qualified and perfect, but the doer part must be qualified by taking over and consciously operating the perfect immortal physical body, to train and keep units of nature poised in perfect balance. To operate and take charge of the perfect body machine the doer must have its feeling-and-desire in balanced union. For this every doer must pass the trial test of balance, the balancing of the sexes. In the orderly course of progress, the doer passes the test and, with its thinker and knower, makes its Triune Self complete. Then, after serving in the high office as one of The Government of the world in the Realm of Permanence, and as one of The Government of the human world and of the destinies of the nations, the Triune Self complete goes on to the degree of an Intelligence, with other Intelligences in the spheres: the spheres of earth, of water, of air, and of fire, and it goes on and on in higher degrees of being conscious, towards the ultimate—Consciousness.

This in brief is the perpetual progressive development which has always been going on, and will go on, according to the Eternal Order of Progression. But this book does not deal in detail with that; it is particularly concerned with the destinies of human beings, whose doers left the orderly course of the doers that passed the test and that continued to advance.

By failing in that test, the doers of mankind departed from that Eternal Order of Progression. Instead of continuing in everlasting physical bodies in the Realm of Permanence, they exiled themselves to exist and re-exist in human bodies on the earth crust, this human world. They now tread the path of birth and life and death in man and woman bodies, and periodically live and die and re-exist. By failing in their test they did not keep in balance the perfectly balanced units which composed their perfect bodies. And those unbalanced compositor units now compose the bodies in which they reexist in this world. They are now imperfect, human beings; that is, the feeling aspect and the desire aspect of the doers have fallen under the glamour of the sexes and are ruled by their senses and sensations and sexes; they are not self-controlled; they have forgotten their knowers; the Light of their Intelligences in them is obscured.

The doer will continue to re-exist until it regenerates the imperfect mortal body into a perfect and immortal physical body, such as it originally had; more precisely, until the doer restores the breath-form unit and the compositor units of the body to their original perfect state of balance. The regeneration and restoration of the perfect body is the duty of every doer; this duty must be and ultimately will be performed, as described in Chapter XI, “The Great Way.”

In this system all parts of the whole are related in a definite plan and for a definite purpose. The plan and the purpose show that nature in the human world of time is in states toward progression by constant cycles or circulations of the units through human bodies; when the doers of the Triune Selves progress and the complete Triune Selves advance to the degree of Intelligences, the units are balanced. The Intelligences charged with the responsibility of this education, free themselves in the discharge of this duty. The circulation of nature, the development of the doers, the freeing of the Intelligences, are done owing to the presence of Consciousness through all. Because of the presence of Consciousness, each unit of nature, each aia, each Triune Self, and each Intelligence, is conscious in and as the different degrees of matter which it is. Thus the link connecting intelligent-matter and nature-matter is kept unbroken.

To present this intricate subject from the symbolic point of view: The progression of unintelligent units from the nature-side to be intelligent units of the intelligent-side of the universe, (uninterrupted by the fall of the doer part of the Triune Self into the human world of change), is shown by II-G. This progressive development is accomplished by the functioning of the nature units composing the complete and perfect physical bodies of the physical Realm of Permanence. Those perfect bodies of nature units are occupied and operated by the units that had graduated from the nature-side and that had become Triune Self units on the intelligent-side. The unintelligent nature units differ from the intelligent units in that they are conscious as their functions only,—nothing more; whereas, the Triune Self units are conscious as themselves, Triune Selves, and are also conscious of the functioning of the units of their perfect bodies, as laws of nature. They are the governors of the worlds, under their Intelligences in the spheres. By dwelling in and operating the individual perfect bodies, through which they as units had progressed, the Triune Selves keep and train the units of the bodies in the Eternal Order of Progression; and, by governing the units of their bodies (to which the units of the outside forces of nature are attuned and directed), the Triune Selves govern the bodies and, through them, control the forces of nature.

If the successive progress of any Triune Self unit is interrupted by the failure of its doer part to pass the trial test of balance, with the consequent fall of the doer part into the human world, the progress of that Triune Self is halted until its doer part regenerates the human body to the perfect state, and in it reestablishes itself in the Realm of Permanence and continues its course as one of the governors, in The Government of the world.